The Lawyer and The Chef: How it all began.

In 2012 a young law school graduate (not yet admitted to the Bar) moved to D.C. in the hopes of launching her dream career. While in D.C., the young law graduate meets the Chef. They begin to date and continue to date for a number of months. They fall in love.

Meanwhile, while they are dating and falling in love, the law school graduate is admitted to the Bar and becomes the Lawyer. The Lawyer is also offered a position in Philadelphia, which she decides to accept.  The Lawyer and the Chef discuss the impending move and their relationship and the Chef decides to join the Lawyer in Philadelphia. The young couple moves to Philadelphia and navigates the world of new jobs, new city, new friends and new living arrangements.

Fast forward to 2015: the young couple has been living together for almost 2 years and they are still madly in love. Philadelphia is now becoming home and friends have been made (although they continue to form new friendships). But there are still constantly new adventures afoot like:

  • Balancing a life and relationship between two people who both have demanding careers (and very different schedules!)
  • Merging finances and working towards shared goals
  • Contemplating the purchase of a new home
  • Starting a business with limited start-up capital
  • Food
  • Traveling

This blog is the story of those adventures and more!


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