Just Foolin’

I’m a big fan of April Fools’ Day, but having never really successfully crafted or pulled off a fantastic prank of my own, I derive my joy from watching the clever pranks that others create.  And I especially love looking for all the corporate pranks.  This year’s corporate April Fools’ pranks have been pretty good – here’s a roundup of my favorites:

Samsung also served up a great prank: the Galaxy Blade Edge.  This chef’s knife / smartphone was comically advertised as the next best thing for chef’s. I wonder if there is a way that I can use Samsung’s April Fools’ joke to trick the chef…

And there are some pranks these companies create that actually leave me wishing they were real (or hoping that the “prank” remains for awhile longer – like the Google Maps PacMan). Take for example, the prank by the UK supermarket chain Tesco: Grocery shopping would be so much more enjoyable if you could bounce down the aisles on a trampoline. And aside from being enormously good fun, the trampoline would make it much easier for those of us who are vertically challenged (me!) to reach items on the top shelves. Practical and fun – does it get any better?

Any 2015 pranks that really amused you? Feel free to comment below.


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